Blue Springs PD K-9 Unit

A big thanks to Blue Springs PD for allowing us to upfit their new K-9 unit, K-91. It has an American Aluminum kennel, Ray Allen heat alarm and door popper system, L3 camera, Kustom Signals radar, DataLux MDT tablet, just to name a few items. We hope Royal enjoys his new and more spacious kennel!


10 Year Anniversary & Special Thanks

Well it’s been 10 years since MicroMan Industries LLC started “officially” upfitting emergency vehicles in the KCMO metro area. We have grown bigger than ever imagined and could not have done it without the help of our customers. With that said, we would like to send out a big “THANK YOU” to the following departments and personnel:

Blue Springs, Missouri Police Department, Capt. Edwards & DC Muenz
Sugar Creek, Missouri Police Department, Capt. Kline & Chief Soule
Paola, Kansas Police Department, Lt. Jenkins & Chief Jokerst
Lake Tapawingo Police Department, Chief Ross
Dept. of Homeland Security-ICE (several agents)
Centerpoint Medical Center Security, SO Bowers
Research Medical Center Security, SO Garner
Blue River Community College, Police Academy, Officers Edwards & Thompson
Independence Fire Department, Deputy Chief Short
Bates City, Missouri Police Department, Chief Long
Central Jackson County FPD, BC Persell & J. Witt
Sugar Creek, Missouri Fire Department, Chief Casey
Lone Jack, Missouri Fire Department, Chief Kelsey & Lt. Taylor
Prairie Township FPD, Chief Large
Johnson County, Missouri Fire Department, DC Bennett
Sni-Valley FPD, Chief Scarborough
Ballwin, Missouri Police Department, Lt. Bushery
Western Cass County, Missouri FPD, Chief Franse

Thank you very much for your continued business and we look forward to several more years of working together!

Craig Sorgen, Owner


MicroMan Industries teams up with D&R Electronics and Data911

MicroMan Industries LLC last year received a contract, after a competitive bidding process, to up-fit eight patrol vehicles for the Blue Springs Police Department. Part of this contract was to install a handheld tablet using the D&R Electronincs in-dash console for the officers to use for CAD dispatching. It was originally thought that they would be using the new Panasonic ToughPad, which proved to not be compatible with their CAD software. After in-field testing other tablets, they decided to use a Data911 TX1 Rugged Tablet.

The issue we faced with the Data911 tablet was that there wasn’t an in-dash solution for it yet. So, we teamed up with Tom Ennema from D&R Electronics and Lisa Dunn from Data911 to produce the first in-dash solution for the Data911 TX1 tablet. We are very pleased to be the first in the US to receive and install this product. The tablet and docking system work perfectly together with the in-dash solution that was designed. Even better yet is that they designed a bracket to fit a Mobile Vision L3 camera system DVR to fit in the dash as well!

We would like to thank Tom Ennema, Eric Bruce and the engineers at D&R Electronics for their hard work getting this product designed and produced in such a short amount of time. We would also like to thank Lisa Dunn at Data911 for making sure D&R got what they needed for the design process. We look forward to further projects together!



MicroMan Industries Change in Direction

After nine years of “official” sales, it is bittersweet to announce that MicroMan Industries LLC will no longer be manufacturing LED lightbars. Our MicroStarBar XP and ArrowStar XP line of LED bars will be discontinued starting this month, but we will still warranty previous purchases.

We have shifted our operations to focus primarily on emergency vehicle equipment installations. Due to the quick expansion of this side of the business in the last year, we have found that we do not have the time to dedicate to the manufacturing side and feel it would be a disservice to our customers to start having extended production times.

We are currently exploring the options of selling the remaining LED stock, flashers and all of the included production components. They have been a great seller in the market with well over 1000 feet of the XP line sold since 2012 with over a 1000 feet sold of the previous versions. (Please feel free to contact us if interested.)

We have always taken pride in the quality of our products and the customer service we have provided. We will continue with that line of thought in our installation business as well as any warranty issues that may arise. We are very appreciative of the “word of mouth” advertising that we have received throughout the years as well as Without them we would not have had a platform to launch our products and company. THANK YOU!

As we close one chapter in this business book, we look forward to the new chapter. We thank all of our previous and repeat customers for their purchases and hope to continue providing quality service to those new ones!

If you are located in the Kansas City area, please feel free to contact us for installation and equipment needs, as we are now a dealer for several equipment manufacturers. We are also one of the only companies that provides mobile fleet service and installation on site.

As always, from one emergency services person to another, we thank you for your business!