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A little bit about our company and products.

My name is Craig Sorgen, owner of MicroMan Industries LLC. We started out in 2004 as a “necessity is the mother of all inventions” manufacturer of LED light bars. The need for LED lighting that was affordable for our fire department drove me to design and produce an LED light bar bright enough and durable enough for the frugal volunteers and paid members. After trial and error, word of mouth and some local advertising, our design became very popular and in demand. This is when we named our products MicroStarBar(TM) and ArrowStar(TM). We decided to start off selling 5mm Generation I LED’s on ebay to get a feel for the market. Business really took off and we procured our first wholesale contract order for our brand. In January of 2007 we started providing a larger selection of LED products by switching to 10mm Generation I LED’s. January 2009 started us off with using Generation III LED’s. We had circuit boards, extruded housings, Lexan and hardware custom made for our needs. Business has been steady ever since. As of todays date, we have produced and sold over 14000 inches, or 1167 feet of our G3 LED light bars! We then moved to the next generation of LED’s, the Cree XP-E (Could be Gen3 or Gen4, depending on who you ask!) These were the newest style of micro footprint LED’s that have twice, to three times the light output of much larger LED’s. With these new XP LED’s we sold over 1000 feet of varying lengths of light bars.

During the years of sales we made several local contacts regarding LED lights and emergency vehicle equipment.  Several of those contacts were also looking for reliable installation and repair service, which we gladly offered. Through word of mouth, competitive bidding and quality service we are now one of the top upfitting businesses in the Kansas City Metro. We specialize in custom one-off designs and installation of command vehicles and command staff vehicles. We also perform full installation of police fleet patrol cars.

We are EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) certified in police/command vehicle electrical, ambulance electrical and fire apparatus electrical installation & repair. Fully insured and licensed.

We always strive to provide the best customer service and technical supporr that can be given. We look forward to doing business with new customers and previous.

From one emergency services employee to another, I thank you for your business!

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